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Badge Scanning App Download Page

The Angel Events Badge Scanning app works along side this event's badge printing system to provide a innovative lead capture and management system.

Step 1

Download the 'Angel Events - Badge Scanner' App

Or, scan this QR code:

Or, scan this QR code:

Step 2

Log In

Enter the code you were provided and tap the blue button to log in.

You should have been provided a code when you were sent information about the badge scanner app. If not, contact the event staff.

Step 3

Start scanning!

Tap the scan button at the bottom of the app and point the camera at a badge.

Once scanned, a window will appear where you cen enter notes, rate the lead from ❄Cold to 🔥Hot!

Once you are done, tap the Save & Continue button.

Step 4

View & Send Records

View, Search and Edit your scans by tapping on the 'Records' tab.

At any point, tap the 'Send Records' button to send the scans to your nominated email address.

Need Help?

If you experience problems using the app, please let your event team know.